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Langmeier Backup 12 (November 2022)

LangmeierBackup 12 is the new version of Langmeier Backup. The release of this latest update has further increased the stability of our product, which is why it can be trusted even more than before. With this stability, Langmeier Backup meets the high backup demands of its users and partners.

This program has also been created thanks to the efforts of many Langmeier Backup partners who have contributed to its development. For example, our partners have made their test systems available to us, as well as assisting our developers with advice and support for further improvement of the popular backup software.

Program optimizations

  • The version "Langmeier Backup Professional" returns and offers an affordable alternative to Langmeier Backup Business for professional use.
  • Optimized user interface for even easier setup and handling of multiple backup jobs in Langmeier Backup Professional, Business, Server and V-flex.
  • Backup to the "aBusiness Suite" cloud is now possible with Langmeier Backup. Easily backup local files to the cloud and continue working with your files in "aBusiness Suite" for a new level of productivity. The easiest way to transition to the cloud.
  • Backup speed has been improved for backups to FTP servers as well as for encrypted backups.
  • Encryption method can now be selected for encrypted backups:
    • LES Quick and AES 128-bit encryption methods now provide file protection but increased backup speed.
    • The encryption methods LES Strong and AES 256, on the other hand, offer the highest level of encryption.
    • The ZIP Standard encryption method, on the other hand, can be unpacked by standard Windows tools.
  • Thanks to support of the DataSaveControl (, backup media and NAS can be automatically disconnected and activated only for the time of the backup window - which provides increased protection against encryption Trojans.
  • Simplified backup of complete hard disks or individual partitions of a hard disk.
  • Easier setup and management of multiple backup schedules.
  • Backup script "Restart Computer" added.

Fixed program bugs

  • DISK backup with differential backups could lead to "Drive not ready" error (and similar) under certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Network backup: when backing up to network shares: the password was not saved correctly in the backup job of the Langmeier Backup 2021 SP2 version, which could lead to errors when backing up to network shares. Fixed.
  • Backup to FTP server did not work under certain circumstances if UTF8 feature was supported. Fixed.
  • On FTP servers that supported UTF8 but did not support the OPT command, umlauts could not be displayed correctly. Fixed.
  • When calculating the required disk space the backup disks could be separated. Fixed.
  • Backing up a disk image could fail under certain circumstances with the following error message: "Error backing up disk image: The disk is currently being used by Windows and cannot be backed up. Start the backup using the Startup CD to back up the disk.". In the debug log the message could read: ERROR_DRIVE_LOCKED: {WINDOWS_OS}. This error is fixed.
  • When calculating the required disk space the backup disks could be separated. Fixed.
  • If the temporary drive runs out of space and this therefore causes error messages during the backup, Langmeier Backup displays an error message that is easier to understand.
  • The backup status could no longer be sent via SMS. Fixed.
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Langmeier Backup for Windows

Version 10.0.367 (September 2021)

Program optimizations

  • When sending emails TLS 1.2 is supported.

Fixed program bugs

  • Wizard "Create rescue medium" failed: The rescue medium can now also be created with the newer versions of Windows ADK for Windows 10, in versions 1903 to 2004.
  • Error 87 when saving a disk image: fixed.
  • Error 183 when saving a disk image: fixed.
  • Error message "The disk is currently being used by Windows and cannot be backed up" when backing up the entire Windows system: fixed.

New features in version 10.0.350

Program optimizations

  • User interface available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Chinese.
  • Live scanner for ransomware also available in Essentials version..
  • New Windows 10-based rescue media provides better driver support when restoring the entire PC.
  • Flawless integration with commercially available remote management tools.
  • Map files into folders by file date..
  • Further optimized ease of use.
  • Support for the latest tape devices (LTO 5 to LTO 13).
  • Added backup scripts "Shutdown Computer" as well as "Delete Destination Folder".
  • Support for WORM media ("write-once, read-many") thanks to WORM mode.

Fixed program bugs

  • Unclear message "Error in redundancy check". Fixed.
  • Shutdown after backup sometimes does not work. Fixed.
  • The rescue media could not be created anymore. Fixed.
  • Bug: variables with subfolders are not converted correctly when inserting. Fixed

New in version 10

When developing Langmeier Backup 10, we put special focus on simplifying whole disk backup and restore. We have made disaster recovery in Langmeier Backup 10 more intuitive, as well as introduced a simpler user interface for newcomers to Langmeier Backup 10 Essentials. With centralized backup monitoring, IT service organizations can monitor the proper operation of all installed Langmeier Backup 10 instances and ensure daily data protection. Langmeier Backup 10 provides effective protection against ransomware.

Program optimizations

  • Backup and restore complete hard disks
  • User-friendly disaster recovery
  • Langmeier Backup Essentials with a new user interface
  • Centralized backup monitoring
  • Protection against ransomware
  • Optimized backup logs with support for sending via email using TLS/SSL
  • New user interface languages besides German: English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish.
Since version 9.1.192
  • Improved encryption during data transfer to online storage and FTP servers: Support for new SSL technologies TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.1.
  • Faster data transfer for change backups to online storage and to FTP servers..
  • Support for Langmeier backup online storage.
Since version 9.1.190
  • Fixed driver signature issue on Windows 10 version 1607.
Since version 9.1.188

Fixed program bugs

  • After installing Microsoft Update KB4025342 for Windows 10, mounting (mount) of disk images did not work on Windows 10. Fixed.

Excellent backup software

Langmeier Backup is the multiple award-winning software for data backup.
Since version 9.1.177
  • New script command "Restore".
  • The most recent backup log can be automatically stored on the backup media..
  • Advanced restore log..
  • Disk images are not overwritten when a backup is aborted, as long as enough disk space is available..

Fixed program bugs

  • Hyper-V machines that were on backed up partitions rebooted during image backup. Fixed.
  • Image restore: fixed time display bug..
  • Emergency media: image restore bug fixed from version 9.1.172.
Since version 9.1.172

Langmeier Backup 9.1.172 includes an important security update for tape drives. The update also enhances the usability of Langmeier Backup.

Program optimizations

  • Restore from Tape: Selecting „All Files“ allows all files to be restored from magnetic tapes simultaneously..
  • Tape drives that do not support the REWIND command, such as HP Ultrium LTO drives, are now also supported..
  • Backup logs can be viewed via the „Log“ button..
  • Backup notification now displays more messages.
  • Certificate Error message for SSL FTP connectivity now only displays if the user has not yet acknowledged this message..
  • If network folders are stored in the backup job, they can be opened with a click..

Fixed program bugs

  • Fixed error when writing to magnetic tapes (see here).
  • Fixed progress indicator bug..
Since version 9.1

For Langmeier Backup 9.1, we have listened to a lot of feedback from our customers.

  • Online backup to the cloud: users can sign up for backup to participating partners' FTP servers.
  • Backup of Internet bookmarks from Edge, Chrome & Firefox browsers..
  • Support backup of Outlook 2016..
  • Disk images that reside on network drives can now also be loaded and browsed as a drive..

Program optimizations

  • Backups to FTP servers support the UTF8 character set and the file modification date is applied to the FTP server..
  • The wizard to delete files on FTP server also lists files that are hidden..
  • File synchronization now works for network-to-network backups.
  • Disk image backup skips bad sectors and reports those sectors as errors instead of aborting on errors..

Fixed program bugs

  • Under certain circumstances, not all disks could be selected for image backup on RAID systems. Fixed.
  • Disk images located on network drives could not be mounted. The mount was not supported. Fixed.
  • Synchronization did not work for network-to-network backups. Fixed.
Since version 9

In Langmeier Backup 9, disk image backup and restore has been greatly optimized. In addition, valuable backup administrator features have been added to the software.

  • New: Mount image backups as a drive to restore individual files..
  • New: Image backup also supports hidden partitions.
  • New: Startup Repair repairs the operating system after recovery.
  • New: In the bootable rescue media, the network can be configured. In addition, the network can be scanned for computers and shares..
  • New: Manage backup jobs clearly..
  • New: Specifying an alternate backup destination is possible..
  • New: Optimized backup log (summary with errors & whole file paths).
  • New: Backup status can be sent via SMS text message. (At credit can be topped up. Each license includes 10 free text messages.)
  • New: License management online.
  • New: Folder for temporary intermediate files can be freely selected..
  • New: Extended batch programming capabilities (lsimage.exe and lsmount.exe).

Program optimizations

  • New: Input language can be selected in the bootable emergency media.
  • New: Improved version concept for image files.
  • New: Windows service credentials can be entered directly in Langmeier Backup.
  • New: Email backup for Outlook 2013.
  • New: If a backup job no longer exists, then a warning is displayed when editing backup scheduling..
  • New: The selection in the quick configuration window will persist once set.
  • New: Backup logs can be deleted with right mouse button.
  • New: Windows Home Server no longer requires a server license.
  • New: The sender name for email logs is selectable.
  • New: Compressed backups take less time.

Fixed program bugs

  • Under certain circumstances, not all Outlook accounts were backed up if they were selected via Quick Select. Fixed.
  • Sorting in the log view did not work properly. Fixed.
  • When pressing F12 during a backup, Langmeier Backup shut down the PC immediately instead of after the backup was complete. Fixed.
  • On Windows 7, shutting down after a backup was complete did not work. Fixed.
  • Under unspecified circumstances, temporary files were not removed. Fixed.
  • When burning an emergency media, error 285 occurred during driver conflicts (message: „CD writer 285 occurred“). Fixed.
Since version 8.1.53
  • The success of the backup is now already visible in the subject line of the email to the administrator.
  • In the bootable emergency medium, the input language can be selected.
  • Langmeier Backup Business now also runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials.
  • Improved burner driver support for emergency bootable CD burning..
  • Log sending by email: new can set a different port in the screen mask.
  • The backup program waits when logging in to network folders on NAS systems until any NAS that may have fallen asleep is awakened.

Fixed program bugs

  • When backing up to FTP servers, if the files were not transferred encrypted, a full backup was always performed even though „Changes only“ was selected. Fixed.
  • CR #780: Encrypted FTP over SSL (FTPS) did not work under certain server configurations. Fixed.
  • CR #1986: Email logging: mails via email accounts at T-Online could not be sent. Fixed.
  • Files with exactly 2 GB file size could not be encrypted. The error message „Application-defined or object-defined error“ appeared instead. Fixed.
  • Files and folders that did not have access permission at the original location were marked as deleted during synchronization, and were thus removed from the backup media. Fixed.
Since version 8.1
  • Network support in the bootable environment: access to network shares is possible in the bootable emergency environment..
  • In addition to burning a bootable CD or creating a bootable USB stick, a bootable ISO file can now also be created.
  • Newly, folders can be specified as the source with wildcard (*) of the backup. This example backs up the desktops of all existing Windows users:    C:\Users\*\Desktop 
  • Newly, there is a script command „Migrate“ to migrate folders. For example, it can be used to automatically replace Windows XP operating system folders (e.g., C:\Documents and Settings) to their counterparts in newer versions of Windows. 
  • Backup Notification: An icon is now also available in the task tray when running as a service, and the running backup job is displayed to the active user. Any backup errors are now also displayed on the screen to the active Windows user when running as a service. 
  • New backup notification. 
  • New message type „Important“ on script command „Message“. 
  • Increased backup speed when backing up to local disks. 
  • Backup rows can be reordered. 
  • Environment variables such as %COMPUTERNAME% or %USERNAME% can be used in the backup sources or in the backup destination. 
  • The „Shut down computer after successful backup“ option can be selected in the backup schedule. 
  • If a question mark (?) precedes the source path to the backup, then that source path will only be backed up if it exists. Accordingly, if the path does not exist, no message will appear.. Example:   
    Source: Destination: 
    ?C:\ABACUS  E:\Backup

Fixed program bugs

  • Bug when setting folder security settings. Fixed: 
  • Bug when logging onto network shares. Fixed. 
  • When performing backup operations for a long time, a memory leak caused software instability and, at most, a crash. Fixed. 
  • The delete wizard was slow to load files into the display. Fixed. 
  • If credentials were stored in the backup job, they were not displayed after reopening the backup job. Fixed. 
  • When running as a Windows service, it was possible that backups were not being run by the Windows service user, but were being run by another user. Fixed. 
  • Permission settings of Windows folders were not applied to the backup. Fixed: 
  • Under certain circumstances the program crashed - especially with very long lasting backups - with an error „Error with MSVBVM32.dll and CodeJockCommandBars.ocx“ where the program first froze and then crashed. Fixed. 
  • In some circumstances, the error message „Overflow“ was displayed when folder synchronization was enabled. Fixed.
  • When checking a disk image, the remaining time incorrectly displayed „A few seconds left…“. Fixed.
  • Paths that had a $ sign stored behind them could not be synchronized. Fixed.
Since version 8
  • New, a bootable USB disk or bootable CD can be created directly with Langmeier Backup. This bootable media is always based on the latest Windows PE, currently the PE variant of Windows 8..
  • Backup folders and files are now selectable in a convenient tree view, or can be quickly added using templates.
  • Modern Windows 8 style user interface.
  • Easier and hurdle-free backup setup on Windows servers..
  • A remaining time indicator is available during backup..
  • Better support for non-admin users: they too can now start automatic backups.
  • A user-defined name can be stored in the job for each backup item.
  • Iterations are possible for image backup. After a predefined number of change backups, a full backup can be automatically created..
  • Backup folders can be skipped more easily..
  • In the backup log, the administrator can enter a comment, which is then included in the mail to the user. For example, instructions can be included with the user in the event of an error..
  • When emailing the backup logs, a colon can be used to specify a different port for the SMTP server..
  • When the backup is completed, an SMS can be sent to the user.
  • New, the backup folder will always receive the current date after the backup is completed.
  • Previously, the backup destination could already be defined based on a volume name to make the backup independent of the exact drive letter. Now, the backup source can also be defined based on the volume name.

Fixed program bugs

  • The option „Log in as Logged in user“ could no longer be activated once a specific user was stored. Fixed.
  • After setting up as a Windows service, Langmeier Backup no longer needs to be restarted.
  • If a backup to a zip file should happen and the path to this backup file did not exist, then the backup was aborted with the error „No file with that name found“. Fixed.
  • When backing up across the midnight boundary, if you used variables in the backup path, the backup could be split between two folders. Fixed.
  • When using the Restore Wizard to restore individual files from a zip archive, the selection of those files that were in the root folder of the zip file was ignored. Fixed.
  • When setting up the software as a Windows service, settings about the backup were lost in certain cases. Fixed.
  • If the backup was to a single zip archive, encryption was enabled, and no password was set in the options, then the backup failed because no password was set. Now the password is requested from the user unless the software is running as a Windows service. If running as a Windows service, an error will still be generated with the backup aborting..
  • Under certain circumstances it could happen that Langmeier Backup was started twice. Fixed.
  • Tape drives that did not support magnetic tape partitioning could no longer read a backed up tape. In the new version, such tape drives can also be used and the tapes can now be read without partitioning.
Secured tapes can now be read without partitioning
  • Custom drivers can now be loaded in the bootable recovery CD..
  • The backup of the hard disk image is now uncompressed by default. Only if compression is explicitly requested, then it will be compressed.
  • Hard disk failure tolerant image recovery: in case of hardware failure, the hard disk image can still be recovered. Hard disk errors are simply skipped.
  • Improved backup over’s network and to the Internet: if the network connection is interrupted for a short time, Langmeier Backup will wait for a new network connection and then continue with the backup.
  • Open files can also be backed up on Windows 64-bit while the system is running.
  • Support for Pogoplug as a backup drive.
  • Windows 7 libraries folders can now be added to the backup.
  • Installing the software as a Windows service is now done through the graphical user interface..
  • More stability when running as a Windows service: the service has special crash protection built in.
  • In the previous version, the installation sometimes failed when selecting „Install for this user only“ and error messages appeared when subsequently starting the software. This has been fixed.
  • Faster response when making changes to backup scheduling..

Important: if you want to create disk images and you already have a bootable restore CD of version 7.0, then you need to replace this CD with the new version. However, you can use the new CD to restore the older images as well..

Since version 7.0.136:
  • Backup and restore complete operating systems and hard disk images
  • Disaster recovery and image restoration using bootable restore CD.
  • Backup to a single large zip archive. If zip compression is enabled, a single large zip archive is created..
  • The encrypted backup data is no longer readable only by Langmeier Backup, but also by WinZip, WinRar and other unzippers..
  • The encryption level can be selected: 128, 196 and 256 bit AES encryption..
  • Email settings can be tested at the touch of a button.
  • Folders can be skipped directly during the backup process. To do so, press on the displayed file and select the folder you want to skip..
  • Synchronization also deletes empty directories instead of just files. The deleted data is additionally visible in the backup log..
  • In addition to tape and disc media, other removable media can also be ejected (e.g. RDX media).
  • Langmeier Backup can be conveniently activated via internet activation..
  • Network shares and folders that require a user name and password can now be backed up. The login information to the folder can be attached to the backup job..
  • Automatically turn off the computer after the backup..
  • Langmeier Backup notifies you and repairs itself when severe hardware errors occur that would normally cause the program to crash..
  • Deleting an entry did not work: fixed.
  • Weird start times in the log: fixed.
  • The monthly backup only considered the first order line: fixed.
  • A backed up 0 byte file remained open with encryption selected. Fixed..
  • Under very specific circumstances, automatic scheduled backups were running twice. Fixed.
Since version 6.0.73:
  • Faster data recovery from tape
  • Langmeier Backup Small Business also runs on Windows Small Business Server (no more confusion), and can also write to tape media.
  • Affects Langmeier Backup Home and Advanced: now it is also possible to automatically verify the backup with these versions. Also the synchronization feature is already available from the Home version.
Since version 6.0.0
  • New, more understandable program interface in convenient Office style
  • Automatic backup as soon as connected to the Internet or internal network (LAN).
  • The backup log is accessible from the main window.
  • Internet refresh.
  • Improved backup management with intuitive scheduler.
  • User-defined backup concepts can be programmed using VB script.
  • The Outlook backup now also backs up the VBA macros.
  • The backup process can be paused by the user to initiate a break..
  • More information about the backup status is displayed during the backup process..
  • If a user turns off automatic backups, then they can be turned back on the next time the program is started.
  • Numbering folders now works when backing up to the Internet.
  • Improved tape drive support: tapes could not be formatted on some commercially available tape drives in the previous version. Fixed
Since version 5.5.76:
  • Display required memory space..
  • Search the backup archive..
  • Instead of looking at a drive letter, Langmeier Backup can look at the disk name to select the destination for the backup..
  • Scheduled backups can now be enabled or disabled using check marks. When running the software as a Windows service, a restart is no longer required after changing the schedule..
  • The program settings can be reset to factory defaults if required..
  • Improved email backup features..
  • Improved functions for backup of opened files.
  • Data backup to tape tape drives. This new feature is built into the larger server version of Langmeier Backup.
  • Thanks to the automatic generation backup you create a complete three-step backup concept on your hard disk (also: father-mother-son principle), in which you only set a single check mark in the software.
  •  Synchronize: Files already deleted on the original location can now be automatically removed on the backup as well. Automatically verify: set to verify your backup upon completion.
  • Completely redesigned help system with revised content.
  • When batch programming the backup the errorlevel value can be queried, which indicates whether the backup was completed with or without problems.
  • After a backup to CD, DVD or Blu-Ray, it is not necessarily thrown out, but this can now be set.
  • A desktop shortcut created with the previous version of Langmeier Backup did not start the backup, but only opened the main window. Fixed.
Since version 5.0:
  • Direct backup to CD-R, DVD-R, as well as Blue-Ray disc possible..
  • Backup to CD- RW media is now possible without additional drivers.
  • Clean up on backup: now there is also an additional wizard to delete data manually.
  • Backup can now be started automatically when a disk with a specific name is mounted. The destination is automatically adjusted to match that disk if necessary..
  • The destination directory can be deleted before the backup..
  • The email log can now optionally be sent only when an error occurs.
  • The backup program can now be started as a Windows service (call installservice.bat). Automatic backups can then be run even if no user is logged on to the computer..
  • Backup jobs created in simple mode can be opened more easily, and also deleted more easily.
  • For backup to FTP server, SSL is now supported.
  • A new option allows backups to be created additively to a new directory each time. And if there is not enough space left on the backup, an older directory will be deleted automatically. The option can be specified to the variables in the destination path. The usage of the option and variables is described in detail in the help chapter "Using variables in the backup destination path"..
  • Scheduled backups are now automatically given a descriptive name. This no longer needs to be entered..
  • The backup can be made up when the computer is started if the computer was turned off at the scheduled backup time.
  • Automatic backup when a disk is mounted can pay new attention to the name of the disk. As soon as a data carrier, e.g. USB stick with a defined name is inserted, the data is automatically backed up on it.
  • A backup to a FTP server can now be created (in professional mode) without zip compression. Previously, each time a file was saved to the FTP server, an additional file was stored. This file contained the file date. Now, these files are no longer created during remote backup. From now on, the file date of the files is stored in a single file dirinfo~.txt. If the archive bit is to be checked for the selection of the files to be backed up, then the file date is not required. In this case the dirinfo~.txt file is also not created..
Since version 4.0.40:
  • Thanks to support for the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) in Windows XP, back up files whose access is blocked by an application. For example, the program can back up all Outlook emails even if the Outlook application is open in the foreground. Or a database can be backed up without having to stop it..
  • Back up your email data from Mozilla Thunderbird..
Since version 4.1:
  • Define a script to run before or after.
  • Improved backup log: This can be sent to an email address or a printer. Sending via email is also possible without Outlook. You don't need an email program to do this.
  • You can exclude files and folders for each individual path to be backed up: simply exclude items from the backup in a tree structure.
  • Now there is no need to reboot after changing or adding an automatic backup.
  • For each backup job, choose whether you want to automatically back up only the changed files, or all files at once. This setting is saved in the backup job..
  • Incremental backups are now possible without write permissions on the source data..
  • Backup no longer interrupts in professional mode when an error occurs. Messages are displayed in the message window, but the backup automatically resumes at the next file..
  • If the disk is empty, then the user is prompted to mount a new disk. Or start the cleanup wizard right away to make room on the backup..
For PC & Laptop
For Server & Virtual Machines

Backup Essentials

$27.93 per year

instead $39.90 forever Select
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Support & upgrades included
  • Data backup under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Simple user interface
  • Backup files and folders
  • Back up the entire computer
  • Backup of e-mails and Internet bookmarks
  • Backup of OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Restore individual files and folders
  • Boot media for restoring the full computer
  • Live ransomware scanner protects computers and backup media
  • Backup to USB drives
  • Backup to NAS
  • Backup to OneDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox
  • Backup to Langmeier Backup online storage & aBusiness Suite

Backup Professional

$34.65 per year

instead $49.50 forever Select
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Support & upgrades included
  • Data backup under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Professional user­interface
  • Backup files and folders
  • Back up the entire computer
  • Backup of e-mails and Internet bookmarks
  • Backup of OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Restore individual files and folders
  • Boot media for restoring the full computer
  • Live ransomware scanner protects computers and backup media
  • Backup to USB drives
  • Backup to NAS
  • Backup to OneDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox
  • Backup to Langmeier Backup online storage & aBusiness Suite
  • Backup to FTP server and public clouds
  • Encryption
  • Restore by date
  • Eject disk at the end of backup
  • Backup logs via email
  • Send backup status via SMS
  • Backup as Windows service


$69.30 per year

instead $99 forever Select
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Support & upgrades included
  • Data backup under Windows 11, 10, 8, 7
  • Professional user­interface
  • Backup files and folders
  • Back up the entire computer
  • Backup of e-mails and Internet bookmarks
  • Backup of OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Restore individual files and folders
  • Boot media for restoring the full computer
  • Live ransomware scanner protects computers and backup media
  • Backup to USB drives
  • Backup to NAS
  • Backup to OneDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox
  • Backup to Langmeier Backup online storage & aBusiness Suite
  • Backup to FTP server and public clouds
  • Encryption
  • Restore by date
  • Eject disk at the end of backup
  • Backup logs via email
  • Send backup status via SMS
  • Backup as Windows service
  • Integrated script language
  • Backup to ZIP archives
  • Protected network folders with credentials
  • Professional ransomware protection
  • Tape drives of all types
  • Backup to WORM media (Write-Once-Read-Many)
  • Backup as Windows service
  • Hardware separation of drives using DSC device (Data Save Control device)
  • Backup folder security settings

Easy to use and without a lot of bells and whistles. Switching to Langmeier Backup was the right decision.”

Roland Kümin
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