Backup Essentials

€49 per year

  • Backup on Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Reduced user­interface
  • For 1 computer

Backup Business

€59 per year

  • Backup on Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Professional user­interface
  • DSGVO-compliant encryption
  • Live guard against ransomware
  • For up to 3 computers

Server Essentials

€119 per year

  • Backup on Windows Essentials Server 2019, 2016, 2012
  • Cancelable at any time
  • Professional user­interface
  • DSGVO-compliant encryption
  • For 1 server
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What is Langmeier Backup Business

Langmeier Backup Business is the newest version of the award-winning backup software for Windows. From creating bootable emergency media to backing up and restoring entire PCs, laptops and Windows tablets, everything an IT administrator could want in backup solutions for their business is included in Langmeier Backup Business .

Even as backup solution for small businesses Langmeier Backup is perfectly suitable, because the operation is clearly understandable and clear. A business manager with basic IT knowledge can easily and successfully configure a backup job by himself. Langmeier Backup Business also masters the popular 1:1 file backup. Backing up active databases are no problem for Langmeier Backup..

If the computer is attacked by a virus or contains software problems, the system is quickly restored thanks to the bootable emergency media even on new hardware.

The most important benefits of Langmeier Backup Business at a glance:

  • Unique backup protection against encryption Trojans
  • Data backup with Swiss reliability
  • Receive backup logs via email or SMS
  • Secure encryption for both transmission and storage of data
  • Mounting backup images as a drive
  • Customizable backup processes possible thanks to VB scripts
  • Support included: one year of free support from Switzerland
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Features of Langmeier Backup Business

Most of the following features are exclusively available in the Business version of Langmeier Backup. They enable professional backup solutions for your business.

Incremental backup

Langmeier Backup works in incremental backup mode by default. This means that all files are backed up the first time and then only the changed and newly added files are backed up. This minimizes the memory requirements.

So that the changed files do not have to be painstakingly gathered together during the restore, Langmeier Backup also adds the newest file to the full backup and stores the previous version separately with a timestamp..

Differential Backup

For a differential backup, use multiple backup disks. The first time you do a full backup, the following times you backup the files that have changed as well as new ones to a different disk. With Langmeier Backup you can map this system by two different backup jobs. The advantage of differential backup is the reduced storage requirements and that the partial backups are independent of each other and can thus be deleted individually if necessary.

Which operating systems can be backed up with Langmeier Backup Business?

With Langmeier Backup Business, you can back up the following operating systems specifically for businesses:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7

Backup logs via email and SMS

An important aspect of data backup is regular monitoring. In Langmeier Backup you can set this up conveniently. Have the logs sent to you by email, optionally only when errors have occurred during the backup. An SMS to your mobile phone is also an option. It is even possible to have the log printed automatically after the backup is complete.


With Langmeier Backup Business, you benefit twice from encryption. Because when you back up to a cloud like Microsoft SkyDrive or Google Drive, you can encrypt not only the backup files but also the transfer itself. No one can access your data in transit, and even in the cloud, there is no way for intruders to read your encrypted data..

When you encrypt the backup to a hard drive, you are doing so to a secure (external) hard drive, since no one can do anything with such a secure hard drive without the password to decrypt it Use 256bit encryption with a secure passport and the encryption is definitely unbreakable.

Backup to zip archives

Use Langmeier Backup Business to create a data backup or an IT backup copy to a standard ZIP archive. You can optionally encrypt the ZIP archive and add date variables to the file name.

Data compression

Back up to a ZIP archive with Langmeier Backup Business also for the reason of compressing your data. Don't waste disk space by storing the backup compressed at the destination.

How to back up to protected network folders

Backing up to password-protected network folders is also no problem with Langmeier Backup Business. You pass the login information of the access-protected folders to Langmeier Backup when setting up the backup. Langmeier Backup then automatically logs into the folders or network folders and completes the backup job.

Customize your backup job with a VB script

Create VB scripts to implement advanced data protection concepts customized to your organization. This gives experienced administrators the ability to incorporate specific backup requirements into the backup process. The backup can be connected to business applications via VB script and starts user-defined scripts - even before or after the data backup.

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Why Langmeier Backup offers the right backup solutions for businesses

What does Langmeier Backup offer that Microsoft's Windows 10 backup doesn't?

If you try backing up your system with the included Windows 10 backup, you'll soon discover that Langmeier Backup has distinct advantages over many free backup solutions:

- We do not use any proprietary file format. When you back up individual folders and files, the files are stored open and can be viewed and opened in the file directory.

- If you have encrypted the backup, you can extract the files with any ZIP software after entering the password. You do not need to open Langmeier Backup separately.

The only exception is the image backup, which is saved to a file format designed for this purpose. Here, Langmeier Backup offers you an elegant solution to read individual files from the system image if necessary.

Why Langmeier Backup Business is the right solution for businesses

At Langmeier Software, we pride ourselves on having simple to use software that can cope with increasing complexity, as businesses do. We support all Windows operating systems that come into question for companies, you can easily make your backup to the network or to the cloud with us, and backup to tape is also easy and relaxed with Langmeier Backup.

How does Langmeier Backup establish trust with the business?

We earn the trust of our corporate customers by providing strong support, that is there to help you by phone and email even with more complex issues. Try our support. We look forward to any technical challenge!

Special features of Langmeier Backup

Protection against ransomware

Unfortunately, it is becoming apparent time and again that even companies are not immune to Ransomware despite all precautions taken. Ransomware encrypts the files on a computer and at the same time irretrievably deletes the unencrypted originals. To recover the encrypted data, a key is needed that only the attackers know..

Langmeier Backup protects you directly from ransomware. Create an automatic data backup with our backup program. This runs automatically in the background once it is set up. Additionally, we recommend that you disconnect your backup media from your main system, except during the backup. To provide you with maximum protection, Langmeier Backup separates backup media as long as it is not being used by a backup.

After a ransomware attack, you can restore your system to the time of the last backup, change all passwords immediately for security, and you can get back to your work. Also read our tips against encryption Trojans.

Backup concept, backup strategy

Every business should have a backup concept and a backup strategy. This is because a backup job that is not well thought out will not back up all relevant company data, which can then have tragic consequences in an emergency.

Your backup concept should coverthe following, among other things:

  • Which backup type? Incremental backup, Full backup, Differential backup?
  • Backup Interval: Important data should be backed up at least once a day..
  • Which data belongs in the backup, and which does not?
  • Where to keep the backup? Offsite (our recommendation), encrypted, etc.
  • Regularly check the backup: who? How often?
  • Backup and restore: A restore test should be performed at regular intervals.
  • Who is responsible for data backup? In smaller companies it is often the boss, in larger companies a data protection officer should be appointed.

For the first two items, Langmeier Backup Business will guide you to a decision by means of the settings to be made. The other five, however, a company must decide on its own..

Are you working with an outside IT consultant? If so, we recommend that you ask your specialist consultant what the backup concept for your data looks like, and please also ensure that there are clear responsibilities over the subject of backup.

Image or system image backup and restore

If you want to make a backup of the complete Windows operating system, you need an image. An image is nothing more than a bit-perfect image of the hard drive. With Langmeier Backup, creating a Windows image backup is easily doable..


You are spoilt for choice when it comes to backup media

Backup to external hard drives

When backup to external hard drive you benefit from the large amount of data available, which makes a complete backup of a company's important data possible. If you consistently disconnect the hard drive from the system after the backup, you can restore the system from this clean source in the event of a virus attack or ransomware incident..

Make sure you always make a second, redundant backup to another piece of media to accommodate the fact that hard drives can fail now and then. For this reason, don't use hard drives that are too old for a backup, and don't use USB sticks as backup media – because they are often of inferior quality.

Backing up data to RDX media

RDX media provide a huge amount of available data just like hard drives. In addition, the media handling is simplified. But the main advantage of RDX media compared to hard disks is: RDX media are physically separated after backup. This removes any chance for encryption Trojans to get onto the backup media.

NAS Backup

NAS storage is a centralized storage server that provides shared storage for all users belonging to that computer network. NAS storage has proven to be a powerful and straightforward storage device for small business networks as well as home networks. Particularly advantageous for SMEs are the expandability of a NAS system, fast access to a shared data pool that can be controlled according to user profiles, and effective protection against data loss through redundant data storage.

With Langmeier Backup you can easily backup to a NAS and configure it in detail according to your needs..

To protect the NAS from being accessed by ransomware, please heed the tip to always protect all network shares with username and password.

Backup data via FTP

With Langmeier Backup you can also perform an FTP backup using an optional secure connection to the server, which can be enabled independently of the data encryption provided by the Langmeier Backup software. The secure connection to the backup is established using SSL. For a tap-proof backup under your full control, this option is a good choice..

Backup data to Langmeier backup online storage

Langmeier Backup also offers its users its own cloud storage. This storage is optimally matched to the Langmeier Backup backup software. The storage is available in various sizes starting at 50 GB. Langmeier Backup 365 subscriptions also include 50 GB of cloud storage..

Cloud Backup for Business?

Langmeier Backup supports cloud backup to various online services. However, this can in no way replace a local backup, but is intended more as an add-on to the local backup. Use the possibilities of Langmeier Backup Business and encrypt the files after uploading.

Automatic Backup

With Langmeier Backup you can run a backup automatically even when no user is logged in. There are also semi-automatic options such as automatically starting a backup from the moment an external hard drive with a specific label is connected to the system..

Backup open files and open databases

Programs such as databases or Microsoft Outlook lock some of their files during operation. This creates the problem that you can never back up these files. But a regular backup is essential.

Langmeier Backup can back up most open files if certain requirements are met. These are easily configurable in the software when creating the backup job. If they prefer to exit the affected program before the backup and restart it immediately after the backup, this is no problem with the use of an individualized VB script in the backup job.


Profit from OnConnect Backup™

You want to connect your external USB backup media to your computer and automatically update the files on it? Then simply use the "OnConnect Backup™" function, which is always included with Langmeier Backup.

How to properly use RAID for backup

RAID means that instead of a single hard drive, you run several similar hard drives in a network. There are RAID systems which store the files twice. However, the main motive for this is to increase the speed of access to the data..

Why is RAID without other measures not a data backup?

Or to put it another way: What is the difference between RAID and backup? The requirements for backup are different! What if data is written incorrectly, a virus rages, or there is a software error? Accidentally deleted files are not easily recovered in a RAID. Therefore, despite RAID, you should never neglect regular backups. Only the data backup can guarantee the recovery in case of emergency. Because with a properly set up backup, issues such as ease of recovery and security of the data are given privileged treatment, whereas with RAID, as I said, it's all about speed.

How to use RAID correctly for a data backup?

Those who would like to use RAID for their backup can do so. However, the RAID should then be used as a separate unit from the main system, to which only the backups are made and nothing else.


Test and buy Langmeier Backup Business

We invite you to try Langmeier Backup free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Try all the features listed here - and many more - for yourself:

  • Run a full system backup
  • Configure a backup to start automatically when you connect the designated hard drive.
  • Study the different backup types and decide which one suits your business best and determine your company's backup strategy.
  • Encrypt data transfer and data storage.
  • Rejoice in the automatic email confirmation that your backup completed without errors.

If you have studied data backup in detail and your company's backup strategy is defined, you have significantly increased your company's data security!

We at Langmeier Software are at your side as partners all the way.


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Excellent backup software

Langmeier Backup is the multiple award-winning software for data backup.
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